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Being based in New York, it’s fair to say that Fictive Kin is passionate about pizza. When a group of former-Space X engineers told us that they were using robots to make the best quality pizzas around, the moon hit our eye like a big pizza pie. Our client needed a partner to name the business, brand it, and build the product from scratch… and we jumped at the task.

The Absolutely Stellar Pizza

Our initial research revealed that most people don’t mind if pizza is automatically made, but may assume that it’s lower quality. Immediately, we knew that we needed a brand strategy and identity that would own this tension, embrace technology, and prove naysayers wrong. We named the company Stellar to highlight the sky-high potential in the future of cooking, and designed an identity rooted in joy, whimsicality, and freshness.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity & Brand Design
  • 3D & Motion Design
  • Product Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-end development & engineering
  • App design, development & engineering
A screenshot of the Stellar logo
A screenshot of another rendition of the stellar logo and typography
A photo of people enjoying eating pizza at a table with the Stellar logo overlaid on top
Screenshot of the stellar S logo
A photo of all alphabet letters in stellar typography
A colorblocked image of the red and pink brand stellar colors

The Obvious Choice

We built out key product flows around awareness, exploration, comparison, ordering, receipt, eating, and sharing, and then identified key strategic moments for each that would drive that stage’s key metrics, while elevating unique brand moments.

A screenshot of the mobile app homescreen
A screenshot of the Stellar app showcasing the menu
A screenshot of the custom ordering process on the mobile app
A screenshot of the order confirmation screen of the stellar app
A screenshot of the menu on the website
A screenshot of a stellar instagram post
Another screenshot of a stellar instagram post showcasing stickers and titled feeling saucy

Highlight the sky-high potential in the future of cooking.

A screenshot of another stellar menu card
Another screenshot of an ordering card with an astronaut
A product photo of the stellar pizza boxes with a red background

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