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Who Should Build My MVP?

When it comes to choosing who should bring your MVP to life, why they’re right for the job, and how much you should pay them to do it, the true measure of success lies not in delivering a product, but delivering the right product. This rightness is the key to our product philosophy - it’s what sets us apart from lower-cost product agencies.

The journey from idea and hypothesis to product-market fit can be complicated and laden with countless decisions. Among the million possible configurations a product can take, most options may tick basic requirement boxes, but will ultimately result in ineffective products. The folks at Fictive Kin specialize in navigating this complex landscape, working closely with Founders to turn their ideas and pitch decks (and sometimes just whiteboard sketches) into viable, market-ready products.

Features and functionalities of a product are non-linear entities; they are hyper-variate and interdependent. Every decision, every emphasis or de-emphasis, alters the product's trajectory. This approach needs a nuanced appreciation of how different combinations can yield dramatically different outcomes.

If creating a billion-dollar business is the goal, then partnering with a team that is even just 10% more likely to guide you towards the right product can be a game-changer. Too many founders learn the hard way that the investment required to develop the wrong product is often the same as that needed for the right one. ROI on your investment hinges not on who can build a list of features for the least money, but on who can discern, design, and deliver not just any product, but the right product.

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