The Product Studio of Your Dreams

The Product Studio of Your Dreams.
Fictive Kin is a design and engineering studio based in Brooklyn, NY. You’ll find us where strategic branding and design meet rock-solid technology. Our sweet spot: remarkable digital experiences. People call us when they need a reliable, experienced team that will deliver something great every single time.
What makes a great digital experience? Results. Suddenly, funding is closing. Sales are rising. New markets are conquered. New platforms are explored. Page views are through the roof. And, brilliant people are eager to join your team. Bill Withers plays softly in the background. Life is good.

If that sounds like it’s your kind of thing, then give us a call. Either literally: 1-844-FICTIVE or figuratively:

We love meeting talented people — If you are an incredible developer or designer who dreams of working with us, get in touch:

At Fictive Kin

We fully support the #blacklivesmatter movement and demand justice for George Floyd and others who have been unjustly murdered by the police.
We are actively creating publicly accessible job postings that can be easily searched for and found.
We are doubling down on making continual learning part of our day.
It’s now, more than ever.