Strategy, UI/UX Design, System Design, Headless CMS (API), User Journeys, Sitemap, Mobile Designs & Responsive Development, Site Development & Engineering
Fictive Kin partnered with sweetgreen's in-house brand studio to design and build a new website, content strategy, and digital experience.

After evolving their brand identity (with our wonderful friends at COLLINS), sweetgreen chose Fictive Kin to bring the new brand system to life by designing and building an equally impressive digital experience.


Tackling the site with our system-based approach, we designed and built a series of engaging modules that are compelling, without compromising on scalability, functionality, and in particular, accessibility. For a company as socially conscious as sweetgreen, website accessibility was a top priority, so we built and designed a site that far exceeds rigorous standards.

Fictive Kin built out the site for mobile with a responsive approach and mobile-minded performance, ensuring the mobile designs elevated the brand as much as the desktop.

This has been a brief preview of our work on this project. More TK. Thanks for stopping by.