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Led by acclaimed investor, Mike Novogratz, Galaxy merges its globally recognized financial expertise with technological sophistication, institutions with innovations, and tech agility with finance savvy.

It knows that the next great shift is not away from anything. It’s a combination of economics and technology that will democratize access to ownership, and they invited Fictive Kin to work together to help create this decentralized economy. With a new brand in tow, we were asked to redesign and rebuild all four of Galaxy’s core digital properties:, Galaxy Fund Management, VisionTrack, and Galaxy Interactive.

Demystify Complexity

We rooted our digital storytelling in the core idea of demystifying complexity, so that each site informs, untangles, and guides users at every step. Each module was designed with a specific business behavior in mind so that moments, sections, pages, and even footers and navigation work even harder for Galaxy, driving home the importance of its hard-earned credibility in the sector.

  • Product Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • 3D & Motion Design
  • Front-end Development & Engineering
  • Marketing Integrations & Tooling
screenshot of the podcast cards for the new Galaxy research website
screenshot of the Galaxy sliding feature module

Share the Love

With so many different businesses, each with their own brands, offerings, and distinct websites, Galaxy made the powerful decision to become a branded house, instead of a house of brands. This meant solving a very specific challenge for their digital and marketing ecosystem: how do we express one brand identity, four different digital ways?

We got to work creating a shared system that was accessible to all of Galaxy’s digital properties in the CMS, but with elements, components and modules that had in-built behavioral variations that made them distinct to each site. This meant new modules designed for Galaxy Fund Management could also be used for Galaxy Interactive or — each new module had a 3x return on what it could do and where it could work.

five thin, flat, line-art boxes are lined up like dominoes on a blue background
screenshot of the Galaxy passive funds vs active funds descriptions

Digital to Physical… to Digital

As conferences regained full speed again post-pandemic, we had the opportunity to push the digital system just a little bit further, creating a custom-built digital business card tool for Galaxy. A home screen anchored page allows Galaxy team members to share their contact details with anyone with just the scan of a QR code — the recipient just has to tap the save button to have those details automatically downloaded to their phone.

photo of a woman looking at the Galaxy business cards web app on a mobile phone

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