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Chippy AI

ChatGPT is awesome, but we realized quickly that it would be much more awesome if we didn’t have to keep leaving our browser tabs to be able use it. Enter, Chippy - imagined, designed, and built by Fictive Kin to simplify information processing and communication, directly within your browser.

In-Browser AI

Chippy transforms your browsing experience by integrating artificial intelligence as a Chrome extension. It extends the capabilities of your browser by summarizing articles, automating email responses, and clarifying developer documentation, among many other use cases.

  • Identity & Brand Design
  • Product Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-end Development & Engineering
  • Back-end Development & Engineering
screenshot of Chippy AI asking for help on highlighted sentence


In the era of AI, we saw an opportunity to resurrect Microsoft's Clippy, transforming it from a once-annoying office assistant to a powerful, AI-driven companion. Clippy, reborn as Chippy, reflects a fun and nostalgic bridge between the past and the present of tech.

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Suggested prompts

Chippy is a versatile chatbot designed for a wide spectrum of users - with our current user base including researchers, educators, and developers who frequently rely on Chippy to streamline web-based tasks.

Get started with suggested prompts and dig deeper with relevant follow-ups.

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Chippy AI components
Chippy AI theme options
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Technical Hurdles

When building an AI tool, one of the primary hurdles is the character limit imposed by current AI models, known as the token limit, which stands around 8000 tokens. Many web pages exceed this limit, so we tackled this by refining the content sent to the AI models and employing a JavaScript library called Langchain.

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