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National Geographic

The National Geographic Society needs no intro. From their iconic magazine to their historic, global impact, they have become one of the most widely read magazines of all time. Our challenge? Bring that magnetic power from their physical pages, to their digital realm.

Storytelling for the ultimate storyteller

We knew it was critical to establish an approach to story and content that held up to the immense equity that National Geographic held in both arenas. We designed a system that elevated, but still balanced, static and dynamic content and would be able to act as an explorative platform for a new integrative content strategy.

  • Product Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-end Development & Engineering

The toolkit

To ensure scalability well into the future, we created a system that identified the digital relationships between National Geographic’s educational content, explorer content, and other initiatives, establishing when they live alone and how they live together. Designing brand tools like indexing, mapping, and color allowed us to provide parameters for each, while being able to use existing equities like typography to help enhance key usability features, like legibility.

A screenshot of a featured expedition titled: The worlds first expedition to the north pole
A screenshot of a carousel of blog posts feature that reads Investing in the Boldest and Brightest
A screenshot from the site that reads The National Geographic Magazine, published its first issue in October 1888, as the Societys official journal
A screenshot of a blog post titled I want people to care, to fall in love, and to take action
A screenshot of a quote reading Guiding my students through a process of discovery is what inspires me


While storytelling is key, we remained focused on our primary call-to-actions and the ROI generator for our work: inspiring people to get involved. Making the experience premium and active inspired readers to share content. Making the experience urgent and credible through both quality and intentional conversion paths, encouraged readers to donate.

A screenshot of a grid of blog articles

When we realized the experience had become both the end product, and the marketing means to that end, we knew we had succeeded.

A screenshot of a blog post comprised of nature photos with a photo of sharks in the background

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