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Cool Stuff from the Internet Volume 2

Offloading JavaScript With Custom Properties

Style state with dynamic CSS custom properties, rather than statically by swapping around a lot of classes and unnecessarily traversing the DOM.

A Deep Dive on Skipping to Content

This is your reminder to remember our friends who browse the web using a keyboard. This one is from 2021, but provides a nice overview of techniques.

Micro formats turned 20 years old

Life comes at you fast.

Steady Homepage Redesign

We want to show some love for this new design on the Steady homepage. It’s fast with stunning visuals, tasteful and effective animations, it still works fairly well with no JavaScript, and mostly importantly it tells a great story with concise and well written copy.

Six months in, journalist-owned tech publication 404 Media is profitable

"Owning our own work, and being beholden to no one but our readers and colleagues — as opposed to say, investors, venture capitalists, or out-of-touch executives — feels like the future."