Fictive Kin

Time to Get Started

Okay. You are bought in. Ready to get started. PUMPED!

Now what?

Step One: Build Your Case

  • Take an inventory of the ways in which your site could / should be serving your business.

  • Get any existing data on the performance of your site. 

  • If no data exists, start collecting it. 

  • Use the data to draw a connection between all of those ways the site could be serving the business and the current way it is performing now.

Step Two: Set Expectations

  • Let people know that you’re doing things a bit differently this time. 

  • This time you are going to treat the site as a means to an end and you are going to demand ROI.

  • No big celebratory launch. You’re going to be cost and time-efficient by launching quickly and learning quickly.

  • Teach folks that this is a new beginning, not an ending.

Step Three: Choose your Target

  • Work with your team to outline the metrics that matter and the goals for those metrics. 

  • Define a data-driven success case for the site as a whole.

Step Four: Greenlight

  • Hopefully, your case and vision for the future of your organization’s site has them bought in and you have your greenlight. 

If you make any changes to your site based on our lessons, please let us know at

And share the link to your new site! We’re dying to see what you make.