Fictive Kin


In our metrics section, we talked about audience-specific sections. As a reminder, some of the common ones are:

  • Careers

  • Investors

  • Newsroom / Media

  • Developers / Docs

These sections of your site are like mini systems within the overall system. They are self-contained worlds unto themselves. Each will have its own mix of Converters, Collectors, Attractors, and Informers.  Each will be designed to deliver on its own business objectives, likely powered by special purpose, high-touch modules.  

Organizationally, we often see these subsystems have their own internal lead who is responsible for that section. If they are going to be held accountable for the results of the section, they should also be given the responsibility / power to:

  • Set the objectives.

  • Choose the metrics.

  • Track the performance and make improvements.

  • Keep content accurate and up to date.

If someone makes their way to one of these sections, you can assume they are there on purpose and are interested in learning more about what the given section has to offer. 

No need to try to convert them to the overall sitewide objective. In fact, you can even hide parts of the primary navigation and other elements that serve the overall site objective in favor of helping folks achieve what they are looking for in the section. 

Just make sure they have a way back to the main path. Usually having the logo be a link to the home pages is enough.

Speaking of getting back to the main path. Let’s move on to those finishing touches that really make a site sing and tie the whole room together.