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Nobody likes Google Analytics

Whenever we talk to new clients, they know that metrics matter. 

In fact, they’re pretty sure that analytics have been set up. They’re 99% certain. They just need to figure out who has access.

The reality is, most sites have been set up to collect data, but almost no one ever looks at that data. 

Over time we’ve come to believe that Google Analytics is a major culprit here. Most organizations use GA to track metrics on their sites because it is free and easy to install. However, as easy as it is to set up, it can feel impossible to use.

One of the biggest reasons that teams don’t know how their sites are performing is because no one wants to log in to GA. When they finally work up the courage to do it, they leave empty-handed and discouraged.

To help organizations (and our own team) make better sense of their site’s performance, we built a free tool that connects to your GA setup and makes understanding the performance of your site easy and accessible.

It sends you a simple, weekly email that summarizes the important metrics for your site, gives you a sense for how they are performing over time, and provides some high-level diagnostic information to help you improve it.

This means you will only need to go into GA to get detailed information about a unique, specific problem. Something that is far easier to manage than trying to pull generalizable insights.

If you want to give it a try, email us at:

It takes about 2 minutes to set up.