Fictive Kin

Minimum Viable System

Typically, it has been so long since a site’s last redesign, that the new site is seen as this big moment. It gets a major announcement and makes a big splash. That is absolutely a good time and if you’re in no hurry, that is a great approach. 

But if you can set aside the need for the relaunch to be an event, you can go a lot farther a lot faster with your new site. 

Minimum Viable System means taking a page out of the product design playbook. Digital products are an iterative process. You don’t ship them and leave them alone. You ship them and then you improve them again and again, respond to competitor actions, address new customer segments, or capitalize on new opportunities.

Your website should do the same. When you launch your site, it’s a new beginning. The site should evolve as your organization evolves.