Fictive Kin

Job Maps, Not Sitemaps

Traditional sitemaps put content at the center of the action. It treats your site like a filing cabinet where bits of content are placed next to similar bits of content. 

But not you and I. We know better than that. We are Web Systems People (WSPs) now. We know that content is merely a means to an end. It supports the job to be done for a specific page. If that page isn’t doing its job, it doesn’t matter how much you love the content, something has to change. 

To try to shift our clients and our own focus away from content and back to results, we organize the pages of our site according to the job they do for the overall system. 

Broadly speaking there are four primary types of pages:

  • Converters

  • Collectors

  • Attracters

  • Informers

Let’s give each one of these a gander. 

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