Fictive Kin


Converters are the money makers. 

Their job is to convert visitors into leads, followers, and customers. 

Typically, these pages make up the core experience of your site. Because you will have honed them to convert, most of the other pages of your site should be routing visitors to this core, where the perfect CTA awaits them.

It’s tempting to want every page to be a converter. Even though that sounds quite nice, in practice it’s not realistic. You need a focused effort to meaningfully convert visitors and most other pages have other jobs to do so trying to make them convert will just water down both jobs. 

Deciding which pages make the cut can often be a bit perilous. Ideally, it would be just 2-5 pages that have the job and are refined to deliver results effectively.

The challenge is that many folks tend to get involved in the creation of a new site. People will see the placement of their pages on the site as some sort of reflection on their part of the organization.

“What we do on the XYZ team is important! We should list it on the home page!”

While it is true that each team is important and valuable, it is not the job of your site to provide accolades to internal teams. It’s the job of your site to convert. And convert well.

That is the only litmus test we can use.

Any page that doesn’t actively show itself to drive the primary action of the site should be considered eligible for de-prioritization or, in extreme cases, death.

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