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Converters aren’t much good without visitors to convert. 

This is where the Collectors come in. It's their job to reach out into the depths of the internet and bring back visitors who can then be routed to one of our converters where they will be gently ushered to the primary action of the site. 

Typical collectors include 

  • Blog posts

  • White Papers

  • Customer Support articles

  • Product Comparisons

Collectors act as a sort of root system for your site. Over time they build SEO power that allows them to reach further and further into the internet and bring visitors to the site and then ultimately to the Converters. 

Metrics for Collectors should focus primarily on what percentage of visitors actually take the next step to one of your Converters. A valuable secondary metric would be the percentage of visitors who stay on the site and click through to another Collector. 

Because these pages are so dependent on SEO, there are a couple best practices that are worth noting.

1. Have a visible Table of Contents

Podia Article with a Table of Contents
Asana Article with Table of Contents

2. Include a mini summary at the top of your article for search engines.

Asana Article with Summary

The examples above are from Asana and Podia (which we built). Both companies really nail the Collector parts of their sites. Give them a peak for other ideas and inspiration.

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