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The Attractors are the alluring sirens that catch visitors' eyes and draw them into your system. 

Typically, these are seasonal marketing and communications pages. Things like: 

  • Marketing landing pages

  • Seasonal product releases

  • Sales and promotions

  • Important announcements

  • Events

Their value is temporal, so SEO is much less important for them. Most will be irrelevant by the time the SEO momentum starts to kick in.

Instead of SEO, these pages rely on a combination of paid advertising and social media to bring customers into our tree. They are drawn in by something that looks tasty and they check to see if they want a bite. 

The most effective of these pages lean heavy into design, providing fun, eye-catching, and engaging pages that capture people’s attention.

Some lovely examples:

Teenage Engineering: New Product Launch

We worked with Sweetgreen on a landing page system for their seasonal bowl releases:

The modularity of the system really comes in handy for these pages - by having an intelligent, powerful set of modules at your team’s disposal, you can focus your energy on the content. 

If you have the content finished, your team should be able to have a page out the door, without a developer, in a matter of hours.

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