Tap In

Strategy, Design, Engineering, Naming
Incubated at Fictive Kin. An exploration of time, space, and togetherness through the lens of group meditation.

Every day at 3 pm, a teacher broadcasts a meditation for ten minutes. Tap In is devoted completely to being in the moment. There is only one UI element: a button that allows you to Tap In to a live session. This button only becomes active, when a session is active at 3 pm.


Teachers can check how many students tapped in from all over the world.

We love being active on Instagram. We focus on featuring schedules, themes, our teachers, and anything to help relax. After all, it is a meditation app to take a moment and inhale, and exhale. We’ve recieved recognition from Design Week, Mashable, Quartz at Work, Thrive Global, The Energy Explorer, Creater & Cultivate, and LS:N Global.