Tap In Meditation App

  • Tap In Meditation App

    Tap In Meditation App

    Group meditation lead live every day. Made with so much love.

    Tap In is a live, group meditation app, created and conceived by Fictive Kin. Every day at 3pm, a teacher broadcasts a meditation for ten minutes. Tap In is devoted completely to being in the moment. There is only 1 UI element: a button that allows you to Tap In to a live sessions. This button only becomes active, when a session is active at 3pm.


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  • Choon



    The blockchain experts behind CryptoPunks, are bringing their talent and passion to a space very close to our heart: music. The team at Choon is brilliant, hilarious, and purpose-driven. When they asked us to create a brand that would be worthy of their mission to get musicians the money they deserve, we were ecstatic. They wanted to stand out in a music market that looks pretty much the same. It was a great partnership and we’re happy with the results. More importantly, so are they.

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  • Brooklyn Beta

    Brooklyn Beta

    “Brooklyn Beta was the most important conference I’ve been to.”

    Those aren’t our words. And, if we’re being honest, they are perhaps a bit much. But, we’re only human, and we like a good compliment. Especially when we put in this much work. For 5 years, we ran Brooklyn Beta, an industry-leading web conference that brought together some of the nicest, most talented designers and developers in the world. We had some pretty incredible speakers like Cory Booker (future president?), Seth Godin, Geraldine Laybourne, John Maeda, Tavi Gevinson (future president?), Ira Glass, Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, and Reggie Watts, just to name a few.


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  • Sapient


    Top secret mobile project.

    We can’t talk about this one, but we can say that when they say nitro, they are not screwing around. We built a mobile product for two companies you’ve certainly heard of: [redacted] and [redacted].

  • American Corporate Partners

    American Corporate Partners

    It’s not every day a US President talks about your app.

    Sid Goodfriend (best name ever?) and his team at ACP reached out to us to reimagine and rebuild their app, ACP AdvisorNet, which connects returning veterans with mentors in order to help them find meaningful careers. Millions of veterans will be returning home in the next few years, so scalability was a top priority. Sid arranged for IBM to load test our app when we were finished. They said it handled the test “ridiculously well” and had “some of the quickest response times under heavy loads” they had ever seen. So, that was nice. ACP has since been talked about by everyone from Bill Clinton to John Cena, which, for all intents and purposes, is everyone.


  • Kickstarter


    With the pumped up kicks.

    We buffed and polished Kickstarter’s homepage into the shiniest shoes we’ve ever seen. Super comfortable and a lil’ eye-catching. Very good.


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  • Teux Deux

    Teux Deux

    A to-do app as simple and useful as a piece of paper. Actually, more so.

    TeuxDeux is a simple, designy to-do app for the Web and iPhone. It started in 2009 as a lunch conversation between Swiss Miss and Fictive Kin and has since grown to 10,000 paid subscribers. Its design and feature set are a testament to “less is more.” We use it every day and love it. It’s probably how we’re able to get so much done.


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  • Folder Market

    Folder Market

    A place for buying & selling zeros and ones.

    If the future of work is digital, the future of commerce must be as well, no? We built Folder Market to help people who work online get paid. If your work can live in a Dropbox folder, you now have a place where you can reap the rewards of your labor. Currently invite-only.


  • Minna


    A simple vibe.

    Minna was founded in 2009 by a group of Stanford Engineers and Product Designers who had a shared restlessness around the lack of approachable, well-made, and responsive vibrators on the market.

    Banding together, they used their expertise to develop the most intuitive vibrator out there: the first with squeeze-controlled intensity, customizable patterns of vibration, and Rumble Motor Technology.


  • Gap


    XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX Top secret iOS project.

    The black bars mean redacted, which means it’s above your pay grade. Haven’t you seen any of the Bourne movies? P. S. your name is David Webb.

  • Samsung


    Building an ecommerce store for Samsung.

    We do a lot of interesting design and engineering work with the Samsung team in Seoul. The project we’re most proud of was probably that time last year when we built an ecommerce store in just 13 weeks. As you can imagine, those 13 weeks were very relaxing. Palli palli.


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  • Marketplace.city


    Kinda like tinder for cities.

    Buying tech is hard, but Marketplace.city makes it easier by creating a single home for all the great smart city solutions out there. Cities can now easily browse technology and find the right tech for their needs. They can also learn from each other so they don’t duplicate mistakes and instead, duplicate successes. Announced in collaboration with the White House during Smart Cities Week 2016, subsequently won most innovative new product and quickly partnered with cities around the world including NYC, Atlanta, Dublin, Barcelona, and dozens more.


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  • Gannett


    Top secret iOS project.

    Yes. This is also top secret. Big companies keep it stealth like that.

  • Betaworks


    Products Studio, PhD.

    In 2012, we spent a year and a half in a dream partnership with our spiritual cousins at betaworks. We like to say that it’s where we got our PhD in product. That’s Doctor product studio to you. We acted as a kind of in-house innovation team exploring new ideas. We got to work on a large number of spicy products in a short period of time. It was a whole lot of fun.


  • Mascot Adoption Agency

    Mascot Adoption Agency

    The internet’s home for imaginary friends.

    Your dog is in the other room and your cat doesn’t like you. Your human friends are at work and no one’s online. You find yourself surfing the web and enjoying the little things, alone. But hey, we’ve got good news! We know some rad folks ready to be your friend. We might even call them..users’ best friend. Welcome to Mascot Adoption Agency.


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