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Mighty is on a mission to empower kids to become CEOs. The credo they live by: Make Money. Get Smart. Do Good. We helped design and build a product that helped kids do all three.

Mighty is an entrepreneurship platform intended to empower kids to create and run their own businesses. This platform is designed to serve the next generation of entrepreneurs with the lessons, tools, and products to launch their own social enterprise.


Benjamin Goldhirsh came to us with one vision: teach kids financial literacy. He wanted to help kids learn business early on (like having a lemonade stand back in the day but for today’s time). This platform also helps artisans reach a larger audience they can sell products to.

We use a combination of bold icons, vector illustrations, and playful typography to make this experience more engaging with kids.

The platform equips kids to brand their own product. Kids can customize their logo and look & feel of their brand to sell their products.

To help the kids learn about how to build their own brand and business, we gamified the experience. We combined fun + learning to keep kids engaged at every step of brand development.