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Incubated at Fictive Kin. Funded by Bolt and Notation Capital. Lager is a device and software system that allows engineers to quickly and easily capture, visualize, and analyze diagnostic data from embedded systems.

It is an innovation on a methodology that is commonly and frequently used—but now, it is a wireless one—with a centralized and intuitive interface to support the work-flow of an engineer.

We’re Standford and Princeton-trained engineers with decades of hardware and software experience. We know the process and we know the pains. Lager is a direct result of that experience. We know what it takes to make better tools for great engineers and we’ve got what it takes to deliver.

Our mission is to support hardware teams around the world so they can get their products to market faster, with less frustration, and with as few bugs as possible.

In addition to being a fully functional serial terminal, Lager’s web app quickly and easily visualizes your data with its math toolbox.

Lager takes away all the issues with classic serial terimals. You can stream data seamlessly via our dongle, analyze data in our WebApp using our built-in math toolkit, share live data with a simple link, search your entire history of data, and make data available to your data science team via our API.

We kept our branding simple and straightfoward. Using the classic “L” as our main brand, we created playful patterns and integrated it in the UI components.