Keller Williams

Strategy, UI/UX Design, Engineering
We worked with the amazing team at Keller Williams on a variety of strategy, web design, engineering, and product design efforts as they seek to achieve their vision for a more human real estate future.

Keller Williams is one of the largest and most historic names in real estate. They came to Fictive Kin to help guide their (substantial) product team in a variety of efforts: redesigning their core products, creating a custom marketing page, redesigning their website….oh and also reimagining the future of real estate online. NBD.

To start, we looked at the main site. At its core, it is a reflection of the user across KW products. It is linked to their profile, their saved preferences, search history, and more. In addition to these user-inputs, there is an opportunity to make HomeDNA smarter and more useful to clients by augmenting this data with learning from clients activity measured across all KW products. The New KW structure is based on splitting the screen into two sections: the Left and Right side. This strict separation of content lets the left side be the ‘control’ and the right side be the ‘display’. The right side shows listings, photos, and neighborhoods that the user has interacted with on the left side.

HomeDNA quizzes and surveys should not be limited to a one-and-done on-boarding experience. This has the potential to make HomeDNA feel like a branding gimmick rather than innovative KW Tech and Innovation. Rather, HomeDNA should follow the user throughout their experience, introducing smaller, integrated, seamless, and browsing-relevant surveys that shows the user that HomeDNA is alive and always learning.

Through a process of iterating and exploring design improvements for HomeDNA we came to the agreement that this area of the project requires a more holistic approach, versus separating HomeDNA as an isolated feature.

KW has significant in-house teams focused on the future of technology within real estate. They came to us to help them create a new online home for these digital, experiments, inventions, and explorations.

We believe that design, content, and imagery needs to be informative and enticing. Each bit of the story drawing to the next through linear progression, visual rhythm, and interface. We believe that the way the story is told is just as important as the story itself.