Identity and Brand Design, 3D and Motion Design, Mobile Design and Responsive Development, UI/UX Design, Marketing Integrations and Tooling, Frontend Development and Engineering
Serving over 6,000 companies across a spectrum of industries, Heap has rapidly become a leader in the field of digital insights SaaS. We worked with them to deliver a ground-up rebrand, then translated that into an expansive digital system and marketing machine that's as smart and forward-thinking as they are.

A fresh identity across a new logomark, color palette, typography, and iconography, and web system work together to illuminate patterns in complex data that only Heap can help you see, leveraging clarity and vibrancy to stand apart.

We believe a website is not a static asset, so we work with our partners to create a system that can grow and evolve as much as they do. On top of being beautiful, functional and reflective of the client that it is built for, we challenge ourselves to make our digital systems flexible enough to drive impact for years to come. This methodology was forefront in our work with Heap.

Using this approach, we designed and built an array of flexible modules that are not only hard-working, but clear and communicative. Designed to work across Heap’s hundreds of pages and a multitude of contexts, the platform provides freedom to communicate any message in a consistent style for years to come.

What if we apply the power of Heap to…the Heap website itself? That was the question that resulted in “Heap Mode” - a unique feature that allows users to see (in real-time) the hidden data-layer beneath the very site they are visiting.